Terms And Conditions

  • This is to inform you that your booking starts from the time you take the car and ends every 24 hours of the time you have taken the car.

  • After the grace period, late fees will be charged on a per hour basis from the time you had taken the car. After 3 hours of coming late an entire day charge will be taken.
    The late charge fees are 10% of the standard rent of the car per hour, for the first 3 hours after that entire day rent is charged.

  • These pictures will be taken as a reference while taking the car back by the person who will receive the car.

  • For any tyres punctures, flat tyre or any damage caused due to tyre failure will be solely borne by you.

  • If a major damage has been caused then amount to be paid will be decided by taking the insurance into account and will be decided between the operator and owner.

  • The place of return is the same as the place where handover is taken unless agreed by the operator either chargeable or free, that will also be decided the operator.

  • All parking tickets and fines collected during your usage will also be borne by you.

  • The car has been given in good faith for personal and business use and shall not be used for transporting liquor and illegal drugs.
    The car cannot be used for towing , passenger transport , car racing , mortgaging and illegal work.
    If found out the contract terminates by itself and strict legal action will be taken.

  • Please do not exceed the speed limit of maximum 120km/hr.
    In case the speed limit is exceeded and driving the car over speed it will be chargeable for ₹-2000/Minute.

  • In case while extending the rental period you have to inform the operator 6-hours prior and pay the rental atleast 2-hours prior before the returning time. If not then it will be fined you for ₹-5000/-.
  • Understanding the situation of the traffic we give one hour of grace period.
  • It is your responsibility to check the car thoroughly from all sides and identify the papers,dents, scratches, damages, lights, windows, horn, gears, brakes, seats, air condition, indicator lights, clutch pedal, coolant, oil etc. And clearly take the pictures and videos and sent it to our number.

  • We try to take care of our cars and warranty on the mechanical functioning of the car except for the tyres. It is your responsibility to check the tyres of the car before your journey.

  • If there is any mechanical/physical damage caused by you while driving or parking or by someone else travelling with you or by someone you don't know, the damage cost will be borne by you as the car was in your possession.

  • A stationary charge with be charged for the period (no.of days) the car was parked in the garage for repair.

  • Pick and drop of the cars is chargeable as per the location, based only on the availability of the drivers.

  • Check the fuel level of the car before taking it and return it on the same level as given to you. If it is less then the initial we will charge you accordingly, if it is more then we will just say thank you so don't keep extra as we don't pay extra.

  • Only accept the car after complete understanding of the above mentioned protocols.

  • While returning if the car is not clean then it will be chargeable. ( Hatchback ₹-300 / Sedan ₹-400 / SUV ₹-500 / LUXURY ₹-1500 / ₹-2000 if car is decorated).

Have a pleasant and safe drive with Driveyourself.

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